Advance treatment for food addiction

When it comes to the word "addiction,"

a few substances tend to come to mind, like drugs and alcohol. The word "food?" Decidedly less so. But believe it or not, food addiction is quite common.

Signs of
Food Addiction

1. End up eating more
than planned when you start eating certain foods
2. Eating
certain foods even if you're no longer hungry or feel ill
3. Spending time
eating and purchasing food more than the time of working, exercising, or seeing the family or friends.
Notice these sign...

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Cognitive therapy focused on addressing the relation between addiction and emotions

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Behavior therapy focused on pinpointing negative thinking patterns
Food Addiction

Diet & Sports Program

focused on making the best psychical version of yourself

12 steps Overeating

The brain knows that when a person eats, they're doing something right, and it releases feel-good chemicals in the reward system. These chemicals include the neurotransmitter dopamine, which the brain interprets as pleasure. The brain is hardwired to seek out behaviors that release dopamine in the reward system. The quicker the carbohydrates are digested (especially in the absence of fat and /or protein), the higher the rise and fall in blood sugar, and the greater the effects on energy and subsequent cravings for food (and 'lack of willpower').

"Dr. Rania is next to everyone all the time and seeks to help us in all possible ways. Healthy nutrition and regular exercise are also one of the best things There are actually no negatives"


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