Drugs & Alcohol

Serenity Girls focuses on the unique needs of women battling addiction by providing personalized therapies and a safe environment to address gender-specific issues and build a support network.

How we do it...

State of the art treatment processes

Psychological Rehabilitation
A psychological therapy with a focus on personal needs of female substance misusers. Our recovery facility provides women exiting residential rehabilitation with a safe, transitional living space and outpatient program.
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
A cognitive therapy providing patients with the skills to manage negative emotions by analyzing key thinking patterns.
What we do...

While there are many rehabilitation options for women, our psychiatric based therapy puts clients in the best position to achieve and sustain long-term sobriety. During your program, you will learn to...

  • 1
    Address core issues like trauma or sex & love addiction
  • 2
    Walk with confidence, integrity & grace
  • 3
    Develop a renewed sense of independence & self-respect
  • 4
    Become part of a vibrant community
  • 5
    Take responsibility for your actions & decisions
  • 6
    Rebuild family relationships & contribute to a healthy home atmosphere

"I liked that the treatment is a combo that It treats mental illness and addiction. The treatment system is the best system without exaggeration"


“The center is developing to be better all the time and Dr Rania is making a superior effort.”


“Serenity Girls is a starting point in my journey of recovery and always a returning point at any sweet or difficult time. I have been sober for 7 year and I thank god for it”


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