Serenity Girls

Women psychiatric program

Addiction Treatments.

We have three different programs on different addictions.
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Relationship
  • Food

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1. Psychiatric Rehabilitation.
Focused on achieving and
sustaining long-term psychological and social stability.
2. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
Cognitive therapy focused on pinpointing negative thinking patterns
3. Matrix Therapy.

A integrative treatment designed to aid recovery from all drugs
Stress Management
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“It is one of the best places, from the first day I found guidance and care.” - N.S
Support Programs

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• Marital Counseling

• Psychiatric Evaluation

• Matrix Program

• Psychological Assessment

• Nicotine Rehabilitation

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Dr. Rania Mamdouh

Assoc. Prof. of Psychiatry &
Head Manager

Dr. Sally Sharaky

Psychiatrist & Addiction Medicine

Sara Abdel-Jaleel

Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist

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