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In the mind and heart of Dr. Rania, the idea of ​​the Serenity Girls program was born in the beginning of 2005, When Dr Rania was still an assistant lecturer in the Psychiatry Department in Al Qasr Al Aini. At that time, there were no internal beds in Qasr al-Aini to treat women. Women at that time were only offered a psychiatric clinic. In addition, there is no drug addiction treatment service for women in the private sector. All addiction treatment services in the public and private sectors were directed to men only, and if the female patient was present, she would be subject to the same techniques and treatment tailored towards men without paying attention to an in-depth view of the problems of girls and women that fall into the clutches of this disease.

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Rania Mamdouh

Head Manager

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Dr. Maha Mohsen

Psychiatric Specialist
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Dr. Asmaa Ramada

Psychiatric Resident
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Dr. Sally Sharaky

Psychiatric Resident
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Sara Abdel-Jaleel

Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist
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